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We, as Italmare Logistic Services, believe in serving to our customers offering every bit of solutions possible.

By this mission, with our quailifed team members, we drive along with the trade, following new innovations, inventing new solutions and keeping eye on our customers necessities and we keep expanding our network globally.

Our keywords are and will always be: Efficient, Workable, Competitive, Reliable, New, Longlasting.

Italmare Lojistik Servis A.Ş


Since sea logistics is one of the main tools of world trade, Italmare Logistics provides a large network of agencies to customers and offers logistic solutions within continents. Italmare logistics focuses on main commodities like foodstuff.


With our wide range of agency network, we arrange fast delivery to any point worldwide.


According to the necessities of the product and geographic reasons, multimodal shipments are necessary. These kind of operations require an experienced team and well established network which we can offer to our customers.


We offer our responsibility to our customers during loading process and lift the weight of the cargo on our shoulders.


Italmare Logistics provides most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation solutions and services to its customers compared to road transportation.


Land transpotation holds favorable position for some shipments and we offer alternative services to our customers with a loaded case of strong partnerships and agency networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does the Transportation Process Take?

    In the international transportation sector, moving operations may vary between 24 hours and 30 days, depending on the km distance of the place of transportation and the route planned to be used during transportation. In order for this process to be minimized for you, we recommend and kindly request you to state this situation at the time of agreement with our company officials.
  • What are the points to consider in transportation service?

    Transportation service is a service that must be carried out entirely by professionals and requires auxiliary equipment. It is important that people who choose this service receive service from companies and institutions that provide completely professional and insured transportation services.
  • What Various Options Do You Offer as a Logistics Company?

    We are a global shipping company providing logistics services worldwide. We provide freight transportation by sea, air and road and have representatives in every major trade market. In this way, we have information about customs rules and regulations that will facilitate the delivery of your cargo. Additionally, we ensure the control and reliability of the process thanks to our electronic online monitoring facilities and global documentation expertise.

    By keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, our experienced staff provides service to meet your transportation needs. We can include all kinds of cargo in the necessary transportation vehicles by sea, air or land.

    By working with us, you can ensure the safe and timely delivery of your cargo. With our customer-oriented approach and expert team, we offer the transportation solutions that best suit your needs.
  • What is Logistics Consultancy?

    We provide logistics process consultancy services to our valued business partners in order to add value to your brand and grow together in the sector. We provide activities for business development by actively using information and technology systems, along with effective use of the supply chain, reducing costs, increasing business efficiency, performing audits and evaluations more accurately, acting in accordance with your investment and all necessary reporting.

Why Should You Choose Us?

There are many reasons for you to work with us.

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Fast And Competitive

Italmare Logistics pricing team is an expert in fast and competitive pricing thanks to its many years of experience.

Team Work

We do every job with care and we believe in the power of teamwork and become stronger with this.


The primary gain for our company is your trust in us. Our primary goal is not to disappoint this trust.

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100%Affordable Service
100%Satisfaction Guaranteed
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